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2023/10/30 15:00 〜 2023/11/13 11:59

KDAR - ペトロールズ / ENCD-45【DOWNLOAD】






TITLE : KDAR ARTIST : ペトロールズ(PETROLZ) ITEM : DOWNLOAD LABEL : ENNDISC MPN  : ENCD-45 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Release:10 May 2020 , 6:00pm Distribution:TEIEN ONLINE File type:mp3 Term:TBD ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PETROLZ is Ryosuke Nagaoka (vocals, guitar), Jungo Miura (bass) and Toshihide Kawamura (drums). In 2005, an avid car enthusiast, Ryosuke Nagaoka formed the band, adopting the name from the British word for gas. Despite a lackluster reception and neglected by the local music press, PETROLZ have since carved out a space all their own, an unseen individuation in the music scene, winning over, and keeping, the interests of their listeners with little more than their singular focus on song-craft. Much to their surprise and titillation, PETROLZ found themselves surrounded by large numbers of devotees. Equally, and perhaps, more surprising still, is the veneration and praise they continue to receive from fellow musicians and bands. PETROLZ ENNDISC