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DÉBUT DE SIÉCLE - Kamilya Kuspanova / Anton Bialas【PHOTO BOOK 】"LIMITED"



TITLE :DÉBUT DE SIÉCLE ARTIST : Kamilya Kuspanova/Anton Bialas 208ページ 200×200 サイズ 650g *日本での販売はTEIEN ONLINE STORE限定 ミックスルーツを持つ、2人のフランス人 モデルも務めるKamilya Kuspanovaと、映画監督であるAnton Bialas 彼らが各地で撮り下ろした写真集。 This photobook is made by Kamilya Kuspanova and Anton Bialas who are French. This item is only sold on TEIEN ONLINE STORE in Japan. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Anton Bialas (France) 1990年スェーデン人の母とドイツ人の父の元、フランス・パリに生まれる。 フランスのソルボンヌ大学、ニューヨークのティッシュ・スクール・オブ・アートで映画を学ぶ。 Anton Bialas was born in Paris in 1990, he has a Swedish mother and a German father. He studied cinema in the Sorbonne University and at the NYU-Tisch School of the Arts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A link between beings, fleeting as it is, that always manifests as a renewed mystery. This is what leaks out of these situations, captured echoes playing with synchronicities. A perception of the infinite in the finite, both intimate and common, that never ceased to surprise me as I discovered this work. It is the relentless light of a new dawn that I perceive, despite this troubled beginning of century. These diptychs seem to unveil the existential void in order to create a constellation of signs that relate through a simple irruption of sensation. John Jefferson Selve ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview https://lintervalle.blog/2018/05/26/mi-ritrovai-per-una-selva-oscura-un-debut-de-siecle-par-les-photographes-anton-bialas-et-kamilya-kuspanova/ Ben wrobel https://www.benwrobel.com/debut-de-siecle/