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Re-Introduction Etudes - Chilly Gonzales 【AUDIO CD + MUSICAL SCORE + POSTER】



TITLE : Re-Introduction Etudes ARTIST : Chilly Gonzales ITEM : AUDIO CD + MUSICAL SCORE + POSTER SIZE : 330mm×240mm DATE : 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Chilly Gonzales brings some of the joy back to the lapsed amateur pianist with his Re-Introduction Etudes: a book of 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces specifically designed to unlock musical mysteries for those who gave it up. Each etude is introduced by a short text, in which Gonzo shares his point of view on scales, explains how melodies are designed, how modern pop harmony works … and divulges his own personal “shortcuts”. The companion CD of his recordings of the 24 pieces goes a long way to getting the music into the piano student’s head, so it can then spill out onto the keys and a tear-out poster strategically placed near the piano will inspire the musician in all of you! 2014年に天才音楽家、チリー・ゴンザレスが発表した、ピアノ教本『Re-Introduction Etudes』。"習得しやすく、弾いて楽しい"をテーマに作曲された24のピアノ練習曲を収めたCD付属の教則本。 本ピアノ練習曲集に収められているのは、それぞれが、ダフト・パンクやファイスト、ドレイクといった彼がこれまでにコラボレートしてきたアーティストから、エリック・サティ、ニーナ・シモン、チェット・ベイカー、プリンスといった偉大な音楽人、さらにはスティーヴ・ジョブズ、M.C.エッシャーらに"捧げる"というコンセプトのもと、作曲された24曲。 Chilly Gonzales Offical Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX_R2pousAA&list=PLsZg4lnJII5UYeGUCXmT0Eycj6kBqGsUz /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TRACK LIST 1. Five Spot 2. Pavane 3. Pleading the Fifth 4. Mansbridge 5. Red Thread 6. Cloches Tristes 7. Sunday Unsung 8. Climbing and Falling 9. Tarantula 10. Odessa 11. Aquamarine 12. Dressed in Green 13. In-Between 14. Glad and Sad 15. Resolutions per Minute 16. Cycle Therapy 17. Early Bird 18. College Triads 19. Les Accords 20. White Litany 21. Chaconne and On 22. 80’s and Gentlemen 23. Lefties 24. Knight Moves Solo Piano